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Hammered Metal Patio Torch w PUREFIRE Fuel


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Dimensions: 10” Diameter x 6.5” Tall Glazed Ceramic Pottery FirePot
New for 2014 Upgraded Safer Model ready for Non-flammable PUREFIRE™  fuel.
Packed: 1 Patio Torch + 750ml PUREFIRE bio lamp oil

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Hammered Metal Patio Torch w PUREFIRE Fuel

Product Description

Hammered Metal Patio Torch with 750 ml PUREFIRE bio lamp oil by EcoFlame™
Elegant appearance, crater pattern with golden ridges and blue/gray over beige pits elevate the look of this beautiful Patio Torch. Create enchantment on your deck, patio or in your garden, or pool side – any season of the year. Patio Torches can reduce the stress in your life and add beauty to your living spaces. The beautiful dancing flames are an escape from the mundane. As each fire pot is hand glazed, there will be artisan influences in each, adding to the uniqueness of the ceramic. Includes a stainless steel snuffer lid to safely extinguish the flame, and a glazed ceramic cap to cover when not in use.

• Hand Glazed Ceramic Patio Torch with Ceramic Lid
• Stainless Steel Cup with Steel Lid
• 140 ml Refillable Steel Canister insert with adjustable wick.
• Steel Snuffer to safely extinguish the flame.
• 750ml bottle of PURERFIRE bio lamp oil

• Dimensions: Approx. 6.5″ tall x 10″ in diameter
• Environmentally friendly – burns clean and virtually smoke free, with no smelly or toxic emissions
• Intended for outdoor use
• Easy to use — extinguish and re-lights  easily
• Includes Stainless Steel Snuffer to safely extinguish the flame, and a matching ceramic lid for a finished look.
Extended 4.5 hour burn time.

Upgraded 2014 Model. Includes stainless steel cup that has been upgraded with the new EcoFlame long-burn wicked canister. Canister  has screw on lid for to prevent fuel from evaporating and water from entering if kept outside.
Recommended for Outdoor Use but can be used indoors in well ventilated areas.

As always, with ANY type of fire device, read and heed product label warnings and directions for SAFE and efficient use of this product.

USE ONLY PUREFIRE bio lamp oil fuel. 
PUREFIRE-FUEL-RECOMMENDEDPUREFIRE™ BIO-LAMP-OIL FUEL is non-flammable, yet combustible & burns with a lively bright yellow flame. Much safer than ethanol or even gelled ethanol in cans, it burns longer, with a prettier flame and has the LOWEST COST PER HOUR OF USE of any fuel. Recommended primarily for outdoor use. It is available in Unscented and Citronella.
Video below shows exactly how the flame looks for the entire length of the burn. Note this 140 ml canister insert will burn like this for approximately 4.5 hours.


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