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Super.Bio.Fuel™ 6 Pack 1-Liter Bottles


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Carton Info: 9.75″ x 6.75″ x 10.0″  / 15 lbs

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Super.Bio.Fuel™ 6 Pack 1-Liter Bottles

Product Description

The SUPERBIOFUEL™ 6 Pack (6 Liters)
1 Liter bottles are a convenient size for handling SUPER•BIO•FUEL™ and hold 6% more fuel than quart bottles used for most fuels sold in the USA. Each of the EcoFlame burners designed to burn The SUPERBIOFUEL™ ship with a special black and chrome Refillable Butane Torch Lighter to make lighting this fuel easier.

• IT’S SAFER …greatly reduces chance of accidental misuse.
• Non Flammable for safe handling, yet Combustible.
• A Cost Effective Ethanol Fuel Alternative – burns longer and safer than ethanol fuels.
• Suitable for INDOOR or OUTDOOR use – generates no harmful or toxic emissions.
• Versatile – ideal for a wide range of decorative burning devices (requires fiberglass wicking).
• Easy Shipping – even by AIR, there are no restrictions for either 1 Liter or 4 Liter bottles.
• Planet Friendly – it’s NOT a fossil fuel and is renewable and sustainable.
• Smart earth-friendly alternative to using wasteful one-time-use canned ethanol gel fuels.
• Clean Burning – No Soot, No Smoke, No Toxins and No Residue.
• Made in the USA!

SUPERBIOFUEL™ is a Revolutionary New Fuel for Ventless Fireplaces, Firepots, and other Wicked Devices; it’s uniquely NON FLAMMABLE (flash point 200º F) providing ultra-safe handling; but it is also COMBUSTIBLE and burns efficiently in any device that utilizes batting or wick to provide the necessary wicking action. Due to it’s high flash point, SUPER•BIO•FUEL™ naturally eliminates flash fires and flare ups. Pouring SUPERBIOFUEL™ onto a burning fire only puts the fire out! And it’s not hazardous; In fact, the only emissions are small amounts of CO2 + Water Vapor (in similar amounts to human exhalation).

Other Important Features of SUPERBIOFUEL
SUPER•BIO•FUEL™ is not considered ‘dangerous goods’ by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Therefore no special requirements or restrictions when shipping either the 1-Liter or 4-Liter bottles, therefore, making it less costly to ship than hazardous flammable fuels. It can even be shipped by air, and unlike ethanol fuels, is suitable for transport by all common carriers, couriers, and US Postal Service. SUPERBIOFUEL is much safer for you and your family.