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Terrazzo CandlePot – Brown


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8″ Diameter x 4″ High, Heavy cast terrazzo.

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Terrazzo CandlePot – Brown

Product Description

EcoFlame Brown Terrazzo CandlePot
Fitted with two unscented paraffin candles. Burn time, approximately 4 hours per candle.
Extra candles can be ordered.
The EcoFlame Brown Terrazzo Candlepot’s simple design makes an elegant statement in any setting. Can be used indoors or out. Carefully constructed with high temperature terrazzo stone. It’s unique design gets noticed! Simply light the candles, set them out and enjoy them for hours. Terrazzo Candlepots are impervious to weather conditions or climate. These candles are all purpose and may be used at home, at the cabin, on decks and docks, patios and poolsides, gardens, celebrations…or any event.

• Dimensions: 8″ Diameter x 4″ High, Heavy cast terrazzo.
• Terrazzo Candlepot with Lid.
• Phenomenal durability, CandlePot will last a lifetime.
• Two 2.3″ Diameter x 0.85″ Paraffin Candles.
• Candles burn approximately hours

Safety Information:
Caution: Use on non-flammable surfaces only. Do not burn on wood surfaces and keep at lease 3 feet away from walls, railings or structures. Do not move candle while wax is in liquid state. Keep out of the reach of children and away from pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended.