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Windswept Ceramic Candle / Passion Jade


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Dimensions: 11″ Diameter x 5″ High

Windswept Ceramic Candle / Passion Jade

Product Description

Windswept Hand Glazed Candle Pot, Cream & Passion Jade
Dimensions: 11″ Diameter x 5″ High

Relax and unwind, with the beauty and illumination that only a mesmerizing dancing flame can offer. Unlike ordinary candles, WindFlame® Windproof candles flicker with large dancing flame and resist winds up to 25 mph.

This soft hued Candle Pot is hand crafted by artisans with a long heritage of pottery and glazing. Add beauty to your living space indoors or in the backyard – the lively dancing flame offers an escape from the tensions of the day and reduces stress. Perfect for any season of the year…Let the party begin, or enjoy a quiet evening.

Set of two long burning (5 Hour) Windflame Candles included.

Safety Precautions:
• Place on flat surfaces to avoid the chance of tipping.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets.
• Never leave a flame unattended.
• Never burn near anything that can catch fire.

WindFlame® ‘windproof’ Candles are highly recommended; they are available with or without citronella.