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Faux Granite + Glass Tabletop Fireplace w Fuel


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Dimensions: 11.8″ Diameter x 15″ High / 12.3 lbs.
New for 2014 Upgraded Safer Model ready for Non-flammable SUPER.BIO.FUEL™.
Packed: 1 Glass Fireplace + 1 Liter SUPER.BIO.FUEL + Torch Lighter

Faux Granite + Glass Tabletop Fireplace w Fuel

Product Description

The EcoFlame Faux Granite + Glass Tabletop Fireplace with 1 Liter SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ presents a unique style and modern look in any entertainment area, indoors or out. This tabletop fireplace is carefully constructed with high temperature faux granite and a heat treated glass chimney that showcases the dancing flames on your table. Perfect for a backyard gathering, this product will light up your evening! Our next generation desktop fireplaces burns for approximately 4 hours 20 minutes. Just like a conventional fireplace, the mesmerizing flame is calming and helps reduce stress when relaxing at the end of the day. Designed to only burn the non-volatile, non-flammable SUPER.BIO.FUEL™.

• Desktop Fireplace: faux granite base, tempered glass chimney.
• Polished earth tone river rocks
• Upgraded Commercial grade 260 ml stainless steel burner fitted w high temperature fiber glass batting (necessary to lite and burn the fuel)
• Stainless steel extinguisher (snuffer) for safety
• Refillable Butane Torch Lighter, Black & Chrome.
• 1-Liter SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ non-flammable fuel

New Updated 2014 Model: Commercial grade stainless steel burner insert has been upgraded with high temperature ceramic fiberglass insert to burn the safer, non-volatile, non-flammable SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ (it’s combustible, just not dangerously explosive). Recommended for Indoor or Outdoor Use.

• Dimensions: 11.8″ Diameter x 15″ High
• Environmentally friendly – burns clean, completely smoke free, with no toxic emissions.
• Intended for indoor or outdoor use.
• Easy & Safe to use – SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ lights easily with the butane torch lighter provided. (because the high flash point, it takes a few minutes for flame to reach full height)
• No danger of flash fire or explosion. Pouring fuel onto the flame will extinguish the fire.
• Long Burn Time – Approximately 4.3 hour burn time per refill depending on wind conditions when burning.

When it comes to accent pieces, the EcoFlame Terra Cotta Firebowl brings a lot to the table.

New Updated 2014 Model: Commercial grade stainless steel burner insert has been upgraded with high temperature ceramic fiberglass insert to burn the safer SUPER.BIO.FUEL™, the safer, non-flammable SUPER.BIO.FUEL™. (it’s combustible, just not dangerously explosive) Recommended for Indoor or Outdoor Use.

Important: As always, with ANY type of fire device, read and heed product label warnings and directions for SAFE and efficient use of this product.

SUPER.BIO.FUEL-RECOMMENDEDPUREFIRE™ BIO-LAMP-OIL FUEL is non-flammable, yet combustible & burns with a lively bright yellow flame. Much safer than ethanol or even gelled ethanol in cans, it burns longer, with a prettier flame. NO SOOT, NO SMOKE, NO SMELL WHILE BURNING.
Video below shows exactly how the flame looks with the upgraded batting insert required for using SUPER.BIO.FUEL™. Note this 140 ml canister insert will burn like this for approximately 4.25 hours.


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Weight 15.125 lbs