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White Firebowl w Fuel


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Dimensions: 15″ Diameter x 5.5″ High
New for 2014 Upgraded Safer Model ready for Non-flammable SUPER.BIO.FUEL™.
Packed: 1 White FireBowl + 1-Liter SUPER.BIO.FUEL + Torch Lighter

White Firebowl w Fuel

Product Description

The EcoFlame White Firebowl with 1 Liter SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ provides charming illumination and makes a modern statement. Each EcoFlame FireBowl is individually hand crafted from high temperature earthenware. EcoFlame firebowls make great design accents anywhere in your home and also on your deck, patio, pool side, garden or balcony. Perfect for any season of the year. Our next generation desktop fireplaces provide a beautiful dancing flame that burns for approximately 4 hours 20 minutes. It makes the perfect centerpiece for entertaining. Just like a conventional fireplace, the mesmerizing flame is calming and helps reduce stress when relaxing at the end of the day. Designed to only burn the non-volatile, non-flammable SUPER.BIO.FUEL™.

• White Hight Temperature Earthenware FireBowl.
• Polished black river rocks
• Upgraded Commercial grade 260 ml stainless steel burner fitted w high temperature fiber glass batting (necessary to lite and burn the fuel)
• Stainless steel extinguisher (snuffer) for safety
• Special Refillable Butane Torch Lighter, Black & Chrome.

New Updated 2014 Model: Commercial grade stainless steel burner insert has been upgraded with high temperature ceramic fiberglass insert to burn the safer, non-volatile, non-flammable SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ (it’s combustible, just not dangerously explosive). Recommended for Indoor or Outdoor Use.

• Dimensions: Large 15″ Diameter x 5.5″ Tall.
• Environmentally friendly – burns clean, completely smoke free, with no toxic emissions.
• Intended for indoor or outdoor use.
• Easy & Safe to use – SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ lights easily with the butane torch lighter provided. (because the high flash point, it takes a few minutes for flame to reach full height)
• No danger of flash fire or explosion. Pouring fuel onto the flame will extinguish the fire.
• Long Burn Time – Approximately 4.3 hour burn time per refill depending on wind conditions when burning.

When it comes to accent pieces, the EcoFlame Terra Cotta Firebowl brings a lot to the table.

Important: As always, with ANY type of fire device, read and heed product label warnings and directions for SAFE and efficient use of this product.

SUPER.BIO.FUEL-RECOMMENDEDSUPER.BIO.FUEL™ is non-flammable, yet combustible & burns with a lively bright yellow flame. Much safer than ethanol or even gelled ethanol in cans, it burns longer, with a prettier flame. NO SOOT, NO SMOKE, NO SMELL WHILE BURNING.
Video below shows exactly how the flame looks with the upgraded batting insert required for using SUPER.BIO.FUEL™. Note this 260 ml burner insert will burn with a beautiful flame for approximately 4.25 hours depending upon wind conditions.

Additional Information

Weight 20.375 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 8 in