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PureFire™ CITRO Bio Lamp Oil, 12-Pack 750 ML


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Nearly Smokeless, non-flammable, long burning

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PureFire™ CITRO Bio Lamp Oil, 12-Pack 750 ML

Product Description

PUREFIRECITRONELLA bio-lamp-oil fuel for Patio Torches is rated ‘non-flammable’. It has been developed with safety as our top priority. Contains 1% real Java Citronella Oil that fills the air with a beautiful citrus aroma, perfect for outdoor patio use.

• NON-FLAMMABLE – Designed to burn only on the wick.
• No risk of accidental explosion even if spilled.
• No restrictions for transport (can be shipped by air) and no special requirements for storage.
• No Black Smoke
• No Bad Smell
• Safer and Cleaner than TIKI Torch fuels and Ethanol Fuels.
• Extremely long burning and economical.

PUREFIRE™ is clean burning, non-toxic and nearly smokeless; it is meant primarily for outdoor use but can also be used indoors. PUREFIRE™ is available in both a unscented and citronella version. This fuel ‘wicks’ extremely fast and is relatively easy to light if and only if a wick is used. The liquid fuel itself cannot be lit with a match or lighter because it has a very high flash point (180º F).

PUREFIREBURNS WITH A BEAUTIFUL LIVELY FLAME that is brighter than ethanol and much more visible in daylight.

EXTREMELY LONG BURNING:  A small 140 ml canister in a fire pot filled with PUREFIRE™ will burn for up to 4.5 hours. (depending upon the size of flame you choose and wind conditions).

BRIGHT FLAME FOR THE ENTIRE BURN: Being a wicked device, PUREFIRE™ Patio Torches have a full height bright flame until the fire goes out. Canned ethanol gels on the market can still be extremely dangerous and generally, the flames become smaller as the fuel burns and the flame settles in the bottom of the can.

PUREFIRE IS THE MOST ECONOMICAL FUEL YOU CAN BUY: Operating cost per hour is lower than any non-toxic pourable liquid fuel or canned fuel.

PUREFIRE IS EXTREMELY CLEAN: Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and no dangerous emissions. Only a very small amount of soot is generated, only about 1/1000th to 1/2000th of the amount produced by a the most popular Tiki Torch Fuels.

IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF GARDEN TORCHES & TIKI TORCHES. Ideal for all types of patio and garden torches and our new generation of EcoFlame Patio Torches. PUREFIRE™ IS THE FUEL OF THE FUTURE!

Available in 3-Pack, 6-Pack and 12-Pack cartons of 750 ml bottles. Each bottle, when used with the EcoFlame wicked 140 ml canister inserts will burn for over 22 hours.

• Always read all safety information about the fuel and the burning device you are using.
• Do not allow others to operate your burners without reading all the safety information.
• Never leave a fire unattended.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Fires of any sort are inherently dangerous…always exercise extreme caution.