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Starburst Candle Holder, Large – Copper


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Dimensions: Diameter: 8.5″  Height: x 13″ Tall.
Safely holds 4″ Long Burn Windflame® Candles
Minimum: 4 Cartons of 2 Candle Holders

Starburst Candle Holder, Large – Copper

Product Description

Classic Windflame® Large Starburst Candle Holders in Copper Finish. (Set of 2)
Beautifully hand crafted heavy iron candle holders are then powder coated in textured copper finish. Starburst candle holders are rust resistant and can be used year after year. Use these Candle holders as luminaries along a walkway, driveway, garden, on steps or just about anywhere. Made to use with Windflame Candles; they are the only outdoor luminary that resists winds up to 25 mph…it’s warm glow just keeps burning. The large 3″ flame dances with the breeze creating a soothing ambiance. And best of all, these candles don’t go out until you want them to go out  They’re perfect Anywhere. Any Season, Anywhere, Anytime.

Windflame® has come to define outdoor lighting in its most natural state, because Windflame® is:
An outdoor candle which is virtually impervious to weather. Burns in winter snow, summer drizzles and autumn gusts with a vibrant, living flame that stays lit in the wind.
Easy to use. No more fussing with sand, bags and tea lights which blow out. No chimneys to clean.

• 2 Small Starburst Candle Holders in Copper finish.

• Dimensions: Diameter: 8.5″  Height: x 13.0″ Tall.
• Holds 4″ 5+ Hour Diameter Windflame windproof candles.
• Long Burn Time – 5 to 6 hour burn time per candle.
• Intended for outdoor use. The safer outdoor candle holder.
• Candles available in natural unscented and citronella palm wax.