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Windflame™Gift Box, 3 CITRO Outdoor Candles / Black Tin


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Gift Box contains 3 Windproof Unscented Candles.
Tin Dimensions: 4.0″ Diameter x 1.85″ Tall
Master Pack: 12 Gift Boxes of 3 Candles / Carton

Windflame™Gift Box, 3 CITRO Outdoor Candles / Black Tin

Product Description

Windflame 3-Pack Gift Box of Windproof Citronella Candles in Black Tin. 
Windlflame® outdoor candles stay lit….unlike any other candles in the wind! Palm Wax Candles for the Windflame Metal holders, withstand brisk winds up to 25 mph yet may be extinguished in an instant with a snuffer. Windflame outdoor candles enchant with its large, vibrant, lively flame. Each candle burns 5 to 6 hours depending on the wind and may be used practically anywhere outdoors. No more fussing with dirty glass globes or cylinders. Simply light Windflame candles, set them out and enjoy them for hours. Windflame outdoor candles are impervious to weather conditions or climate, whether in winter snows, summer drizzles and the winds of spring and autumn. Windflame ‘windproof’ Candles are recommended for outdoor use only. Candles are designed to be used with Windflame Metal Candle Holders and should not be placed directly on wood surfaces or any surface that can be affected by heat. Candle tins can be floated in water just by themselves. See Photo.

These candles are all purpose and may be used at home, at the cabin, on decks and docks, patios and poolsides, gardens, celebrations… or any place out-of-doors you can imagine.

• Tin Dimensions: 4.0″ Diameter x 1.85″ Tall
• Each Gift Box contains three Citronella Windflame 4″ candles in black tins.
• Candles burn 5+ hours. (up to 6 hours)

Safety Information:
Caution: Use on non-flammable, heat-resistant surfaces only. Do not burn on wood surfaces and keep at lease 3 feet away from walls, railings or structures. Do not move candle while wax is in liquid state. Keep out of the reach of children and away from pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Lighting: Light and let burn for 3-4 minutes in wind protected outdoor space.
Extinguishing: Extinguish after 5 hours to avoid possible flashing. Don’t use water or attempt to blow out. Use a snuffer or smother with a wet towel.